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Effects of Tongue Tie on the Sleeping Baby

So your baby has a tongue tie. The significance of tongue tie on sleep is two-fold. First, the baby has limited tongue mobility due to tightness in the frenulum, so instead of being able to breastfeed for long sessions, the eat in shorter bursts. Therefore, they are hungry more often. The baby may want to […]

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“Mommy, I had a bad dream” – Resolving Bedtime Scares

Resolving Nighttime Bedtime Scares

Does your little one experience fears at bedtime or wake with nightmares? Try these approaches to resolve those night-time scares. Before we get into techniques to resolution approaches, let us delve into an understanding of why these approaches work and why I suggest them. Fear, anxiety, and depression are fueled by one part of the […]

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July 16, 2018

Baby Steps Mamas, Baby Steps

baby steps mamas

The other day I decided to cut up some carrots and celery for a side as part of our dinner. My eldest was sharing with her little brother about how much she enjoyed her celery. This excitement over the celery caused my youngest to give it a try. He took one bite (just to try […]

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