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Myra Hartzheim

Hi, I'm Myra and I want to help you and your child get the rest you need. I've helped countless tired parents improve their children's sleep, as well as their own. It's a process of learning, implementing & coaching that in the end leaves you feeling rested, supported & empowered..

Within the next few weeks I'll be launching this membership site with video lessons and interaction to guide you through to restful nights. You'll be able to interact with me as well as other parents on the same journey. I just need your email below to notify you when it's available.

Thanks for considering and I hope to be a part of your life and family success in the near future!

My baby is now sleeping through the night like a champ

Myra was absolutely born to be a sleep coach. We started working together when my then 8 month old baby was waking up more than 8 times a night. Myra was very thorough in the initial assessment and identified that the inconsistent naps of my baby were the first thing to focus on. I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years without Myra's help. She was SO patient throughout the process even when some nights I was too tired to follow her instructions. :) Myra was very encouraging and sensitive to all of the factors that were keeping my baby up all night. Myra checked in with me every single morning without fail, analyzed the sleep logs I sent over and gave me new suggestions daily. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work with Myra. My baby Stone is now sleeping through the night like a champ. :)

Kristen , from Virginia

Support, great advice and positive reinforcement

Before I began working with Myra my son was up multiple times through the night. It was affecting our entire household, I was feeling very desperate and depressed about the situation. Myra took time to create a plan based on information I gave her. She was always patient with my busy schedule, and made sure to check in to ask how we were doing with our progress. Through support, great advice and positive reinforcement Myra has helped hugely. My son has a healthy bedtime of 7:30 (it used to be 9!!) and mostly sleeps through the night! Sometimes he wakes once but goes down soon after! Thanks Myra! We love our sleep!!

Erin , from Ontario, Canada

Myra is thorough, kind, and very knowledgeable

We came to Myra sleep deprived and exhausted. She helped us with our 4 month old daughter who was not sleeping through the night or napping consistently. With so much information on the internet we were overloaded with differing viewpoints on how to sleep train our child. Myra was able to evaluate our situation and provide a non-stressful direction for our sleep training. Two weeks after we started our daughter was napping consistently during the day and was sleeping through the night. I would highly recommend Myra as a sleep coach as she is thorough, kind, and very knowledgeable.

Katie , from Montana

Myra was the calm amidst the storm

I met Myra at my wit's end. Hank, my 20-month-old son had not slept more than 2-3 hours at a time in months. Soft-spoken and tender-hearted, Myra was a safe space for my fears, frustration, and all the emotions that came with it. Balancing a respect for my attachment parenting philosophy while methodically solving Hank's sleep problems with a quiet confidence, Myra was the calm amidst the storm. With her support and guidance, I was able to implement changes and follow a routine that had Hank sleeping through the night within a few weeks. And as you moms know a restful night sleep is worth its weight in gold.

Rosanna , from New Mexico
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