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May 18, 2021

4 Steps to a Perfect Bedtime Routine

I’m often asked: What is a good bedtime routine? However, if I were to read between the lines, I would guess the parents asking this question are in reality wanting to ask: What is the perfect bedtime routine that will avoid all of the bedtime struggles and help my kid fall asleep quickly? I often […]

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Effects of Tongue Tie on the Sleeping Baby

So your baby has a tongue tie. The significance of tongue tie on sleep is two-fold. First, the baby has limited tongue mobility due to tightness in the frenulum, so instead of being able to breastfeed for long sessions, the eat in shorter bursts. Therefore, they are hungry more often. The baby may want to […]

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Training Yourself to Trust Your Child

Sometimes I need to be reminded how capable kids really are. Facilitating healthy growth in our children can be one of the most challenging, yet most important tasks in parenting. However, facilitating healthy growth isn’t always the most natural and comfortable thing to do. Let me share a story to further explain my statements… Recently […]

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