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baby steps mamas

The other day I decided to cut up some carrots and celery for a side as part of our dinner. My eldest was sharing with her little brother about how much she enjoyed her celery. This excitement over the celery caused my youngest to give it a try. He took one bite (just to try it) and then took another to show his sister that he tried it and after that was done with the celery. My daughter sweetly celebrated his two bites with us. This exchange and happening made me stop and think…such a small bite, and yet it’s a step into helping my son begin to have a positive experience with celery. If I continue to let him take little bites with a positive experience each time he tries celery, this may be a great beginning to a good relationship with celery.

I often find myself wanting to have met a goal of some sort and placing a standard on myself that I know is right and healthy for my family and myself, and yet find myself unmotivated or discouraged to really get there. This is where I have learned for myself to celebrate my baby bites, really my baby steps. And this is what I want my readers and clients to know: sleep issues are not often resolved without some significant lifestyle changes for the family. This is what I have to say to each of you who are looking at significant changes to be made ahead: baby steps mamas, baby steps.

You may know that an early bedtime is a good and healthy goal for your family and yet you find yourself stuck in a rut of a late dinner, a late bath time, and ultimately…a late bedtime. This is where you need to tell yourself: baby steps mama, baby steps. Was bedtime earlier by 10min than the night before? Yes?! Celebrate! And work toward making bedtime 10min earlier the next night. Have you done so well responding to your child in a consistent manner five nights in a row and then not so well the last night. Firstly, congratulate yourself for being consistent as long as you had been, acknowledge what went wrong and keep working toward your goal.

I will leave you with a quote that sums up my words.  “Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal.” (-unknown)

Remember, you are in a race with no one, pace yourself, love yourself, and embrace your journey. <3

    Myra Hartzheim

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