every waking moment is a chance to offer love

Chances are you have stumbled upon this site in your blur of exhaustion and in hope of finding a solution to your sleepless nights.  If that is you, please allow me to offer my services to relieve your sleeplessness. Let me assure you that achieving your goal for sleep doesn't have to mean leaving your child to cry alone. There is a gentle, proven method that, together with good sleep habits, can build a positive parent-child attachment and encourage a strong bond. Let me encourage you that today is a chance to change your life for the better...there are brighter mornings in store for you, and you can wake up to those sooner than you thought...I would be delighted to help you get there!

- Myra Hartzheim, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Myra is a miracle worker!

Maria from Montana

When my son turned 12 months and was still not sleeping through the night, we knew we needed the help of a professional. We had read a number of books and tried different sleep training methods, but nothing ever seemed to work.

Myra created a custom plan that was just right for our family. Our son went from needing someone to fall asleep next to him and waking multiple times a night to literally reaching for his crib at the end of his bedtime routine and sleeping through the night. He now sleeps 11 hours a night and goes down easily for his naps in his crib. Myra was worth every penny, and we only wish we had hired her sooner!

Not just a sleep coach!

Bev from Montana

The only thing I regret about working with Myra is that we didn’t meet her sooner! Of course she helped our baby (and us) sleep or I wouldn’t be writing this testimonial. But beyond sleep, Myra helped me trust my mama intuition and become baby aware. She provided the information I needed to reinforce my inner gut feelings. Because of Myra I was able to enhance my connection with my baby and enjoy him more thoroughly (through rested eyes). She has saved my sanity on more days than I can count. When I felt lost in the moment she saw the bigger picture. Myra’s not just a sleep coach. She is a guide to more harmonious family rhythms, she’s baby’s best friend and an incredible asset to mama’s who feel tired, lost and hopeless.

Myra was the calm amidst the storm

Rosanna from New Mexico

I met Myra at my wit's end. Hank, my 20-month-old son had not slept more than 2-3 hours at a time in months. Soft-spoken and tender-hearted, Myra was a safe space for my fears, frustration, and all the emotions that came with it. Balancing a respect for my attachment parenting philosophy while methodically solving Hank's sleep problems with a quiet confidence, Myra was the calm amidst the storm. With her support and guidance, I was able to implement changes and follow a routine that had Hank sleeping through the night within a few weeks. And as you moms know a restful night sleep is worth its weight in gold.